Web design begins with creating a website that represents your business and the products and/or services that you have to offer. It requires skillful execution and planning of many important elements that are designed to be an effective representation of your brand, and also an online extension of what you sell . Most importantly, it must be done in a functional and user-friendly way.

A mobile responsive website enables visitors to easily access and view your product galleries, your pricing, and videos or photos posted on your site. Anything that would accessible from a laptop or desktop computer, now must be made accessible using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones,.

A mobile responsive website does not mean that you have multiple websites. You still only have one site, but that site must be programmed for mobile viewing.

Google looks for mobile responsive websites:

“Responsive web design is a technique to build web pages that alter how they look using CSS3 media queries. That is, there is one HTML code for the page regardless of the device accessing it, but its presentation changes using CSS media queries to specify which CSS rules apply for the browser displaying the page.”

There are multiple advantages to creating a mobile ready website, one of which is the ability to keep your desktop and mobile content on a single URL. This makes it easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to, and for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content

“Google can discover your content more efficiently, as we wouldn’t need to crawl a page with different Googlebot user agents to retrieve and index all the content.”


We realize that results are what you seek. In order to get those results you need an agency with a competitive edge. We manage search marketing budgets for some of the worlds leading global marketers and, as one of only a few agencies that sit on Google’s SEM council, we are given access to new products well in advance of the competition. This is how you stay ahead of the game. We will use our position in the field of search engine marketing to find the unique opportunities that will help grow your brand – before your competition does.


A website or blog is the central hub for your online marketing campaign. Website traffic converts to paying customers. Social media traffic is very easy to convert if you have a solid site design.

Bottom line: If you have a properly designed, mobile-friendly website that consists of easy to read blog posts and attractive landing pages, you will be prepared to make money on the web.


Back in 2012, Google said this about the question of two separate sites:

“Websites that are using responsive designs, those that serve all devices with the same URL, and also using HTML and CSS to change how the page is rendered on any device, this is what Google recommends”

Well over 140 million consumers own smartphones, and more than 70 million own tablets. Clearly, mobile customers are worth targeting.

Online mobile website usage is increasing
  • Tablets and smartphones made up 93% of all time spent online over the last three years.
  • Almost 960 billion minutes were spent in 2013 using tablets, smartphones and personal computers compared to only 500 billion in 2000.
  • In July of 2014, 29% of global Internet page views were made with mobile devices. This is double the amount of views in 2013. Personal computers still dominate this area, amassing 70% of all page views on the web, but this has actually declined by over 12% since 2013.
  • Page views via smartphones and tablets have increased by 12% since July of 2013.


  • Mobile devices have been instrumental in the growth of social media, local searches and mobile-based e-commerce or m-commerce.
  • Local searches via mobile devices reached 4 billion in 2013.
  • Social media participation has increased as a result of mobile devices. Desktop access to social media sites has decreased, while access through smartphones and tablets has increased.
  • M-commerce is credited with 15% of retail e-commerce sales in 2013, and that number is expected to double within five years.
  • 87% of tablets and smartphone owners use a mobile device for shopping
  • 63% of people searching for local businesses are doing so with mobile devices. 81% of all tablet owners use their tablet for local searches. Mobile-friendly websites account for 67% of where people end up buying products and services
  • It is a fact that mobile users will leave a site that is not mobile responsive. This is a missed opportunity for that business. It quite literally pays to upgrade your current website to a mobile responsive site.
  • In 2014, going forward into the future, the success of your business depends on having a mobile responsive website.


Choosing Enliven Group to provide you with website design can help you build your business by using the technical knowledge necessary to create a mobile responsive website. You could hire a team within your business to handle it for you, but this is not cost effective when you consider salaries and benefits.

Our developers and website designers have extensive web design experience using technology that is at the forefront of the industry. We have what it takes to create exciting, mobile responsive websites.


We provide an in-depth consultation that allows us to strategize with you and build a mobile responsive website for you. We take the time to truly understand your needs and objectives so that we can provide a customized site for your business. We consider your competitors, your customers, how to properly target your market, and ways that we can build your products, services and your brand on the Internet.



We will install and configure WordPress on your web server, allowing you to interact with your website through FTP and content management systems.

We will create a custom WordPress design for your site. You will be involved every step of the way to ensure that the design is exactly what you want for your business. We will also set up a WordPress blog that is integrated seamlessly with the rest of your website from your specific design perspective.

All designs and layouts will be in compliance with SEO standards and W3C.


We will provide mockups for your custom website with relevant images that are positioned strategically on your site. These images will be eye-catching and will complement your site and any content that you have written.

Contact Forms

We will install a basic, but fully functional contact form with any information you want to include. This is a major tool that can convert the casual visitor into a potential customer.

Installation And Configuration Of Email

We will install Google business email, using your website domain. Ten users will have access to your Google docs, Google calendar and Google Mail.

Migration Backup And Installation Of Your Website

We provide three months of backup for your website in case something happens and your site needs to be restored. Data backups serve to store copies of your website in secure locations. You will have access to these files at any time. We have the ability to transfer them remotely to a reliable host, if you choose to work with another server.


  • A mobile responsive website design platform that considers the direction of modern technology, your market, and consumer behavior.
  • An in-depth consultation tailored to you and your business.
  • A user-friendly, mobile-ready website designed with YOU in mind. A robust, content-driven platform designed to help you surpass your competition.
  • A robust, content-driven platform designed to help you surpass your competition.


If it is, then it should be generating leads and making more money for your business.

At Enliven Group, we can create a new website for you from scratch, or simply transform your existing site into the money making, lead generating machine it should be.


Enliven Group offers website services that are geared specifically toward optimizing your site. These are the three major areas of focus that we consider when looking at making your website shine.

At Enliven Group, we can create a new website for you from scratch, or simply transform your existing site into the money making, lead generating machine it should be.

  • Apply search optimization to your existing content
  • Optimize your content with your customer in mind
  • Create landing pages that are also optimized to the customer
  • Create/add graphics relevant to your content
  • Edit photographs on your site
  • Improve the readability of your website
  • Create impactful ‘calls to action’
  • Create a site that is clean, direct, and sends the right message

Page Performance:
  • Write Meta content and page titles that are unique to your site.
  • Optimize any graphics or photographs on your site
  • Make certain that pages have sharing capability built in
  • Check each page for impactful ‘calls to action’

Monitor and Adjust:
  • We have a superior analytics system used to monitor web traffic, clicks, and lead conversion
  • Track any potential and converted leads
  • Using data collected, implement changes as necessary to improve numbers and optimize

Let Enliven Group create or optimize your website so you can generate the leads you need to improve your business.