A good website audit will help in understanding issues within a website that can affect your marketing campaign in a negative way. It is always best to know about these issues early on, and to take action immediately. These issues can range from the simplest to the most complex, and are mostly unseen to the untrained eye; they would remain unnoticed by a busy business owner. Some of the major issues that a website audit would address are listed below:


Website audits are usually performed to identify issues within your website which can affect its ability to rank on the search engines. We need to look at the keyword phrases for which you are trying to rank before anything else.

Before the audit begins, we will look at your targeted keyword phrases. Which search results do you need your website to appear in? The keywords are the most important factor that could make or break your marketing campaign. We need to analyze your keywords in relation to your website content and the competition level of those keywords. This is where a website audit would really begin.

If there are any issues with the keywords that you are targeting, we will let you know about it immediately. This is one of the most vital parts of a website audit since the right keywords are a must for creating a successful online campaign.


Does your website have enough content that is highly relevant to the key phrases you are targeting? If someone lands on your homepage, will he or she be able to identify that your website is relevant to the key phrases that you are targeting? Is the primary content on your site unique? Is there a lot of non-relevant pages on your website? Is there too much clutter on your website? These are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to auditing a website. We will let you know about these issues during the website auditing process. You need to remember that unique and engaging content is a must if you are to get the best benefits from your online marketing campaigns.


Have you ever wondered how Google and other search engines find out about your website? Believe it or not, they actually deploy small robots to visit your website. These robots crawl through your website to find relevancy to the keyword phrases searched by their customers. Once these robots finish crawling your website, they will index certain pages of your site into their database. Only the pages that were indexed by these robots will show up when a person performs a search on Google. Well, if you possess a 100 page website and only five pages were indexed by these robots, this is a serious problem. What causes this to happen? Well, it could be duplicate or poor content, broken links, or any number of potential issues like these that might prevent Google bots from crawling your webpages. Our website audit will analyze the problem and report the findings to you.


Broken links for a website can cause serious issues with site visibility on search engines. Broken links will change the location of pages within your website. When a visitor clicks on a link for your website and are then directed to an error page, they will leave your website out of frustration and never return most of the time. We will analyze the broken links on your website and report them to you as a part of our website audit.


The quantity and quality of other websites linking to your website has a profound impact on your site’s rankings on search engines. We will analyze your backlinks and let you know if any of them are negatively affecting your sites ranking.


TMost people know nothing about the URL or page structure of their websites. The search robots need to see a recognizable structure on your website once they visit. If you can imagine a giant spider web, this is how pages are linked within a website. The problem is, does this giant spider web make any sense? Is it easy to identify what your website is about by its page and content structure? Our website audit service will analyze your website structure and report any issues relating to it.


Websites are built on top of a system that is made up of a particular language. There are certain languages out there that can actually hinder your SEO campaigns. Hence, it is extremely important to analyze the language that your website is built upon. We also need to analyze the call-to-action (CTA) and navigation function of your website. Is your website navigation user friendly? Can a customer easily find the content he is looking for on your website? Does your website provide clear links to the contact form, phone number, and other important information where the customer can interact with you in purchasing the product or service promoted on your website? These are all extremely important questions to ask in order for your online marketing campaign to be successful.


A Website Audit Report is basically like a health check on the structure of your website, as well as its design. Here are just some of the analyses that it will provide you with:

  • Web design evaluations
  • In-depth look at the structure of your website
  • Check for page and link errors
  • Evaluate how your page title and meta description are working to help you achieve top rankings
  • Backlinks analysis that can help with off-site optimization
  • URL Architecting to examine how much your website address will help you rank
  • Examine how unique your content is with a Duplicate Content Analysis
  • In-depth target keyword analysis to make sure you are targeting the right keywords
  • If you want an online marketing campaign that will provide you with a deep analysis of your websi


Using our Website Audit technology, we will be able to enhance any search engine optimization campaign you enter. Website Audit gives you the confidence that you need to have a successful campaign.

You will also improve the experience people who visit your website because Website Audit performs an in-depth assessment of your calls to action, the content on your website, how easy it is to navigate, and the architecture of your pages.

Improving your site’s visibility on search engines, obtaining increased amounts of traffic, higher CTR, and better rankings can all be achieved by using this service. As long as your visitors are having a good experience visiting your website, you will have decreased bounce rates, and your engagement with these individuals will help you increase your rankings. The performance of your website, and your online marketing efforts will only be improved by getting a Website Audit Report.


Google is always tweaking their algorithms to prevent people from gaming the system. If you want to be prepared for these changes, the web audit report is the first step you should take before beginning an SEO campaign.

Panda and Penguin are the two primary algorithms that are tweaked from time to time. Panda targets low quality content sites and Penguin targets web spam.

Since February 24th, 2011, when the first Google Panda algorithm was released, there have been 26 updates, the last one being released in May 2014. Panda is now incorporated into the indexing process, as Google officials themselves confirmed.

April 24, 2012, brought another Google algorithm update named Penguin. Both Panda and Penguin had multiple updates with tweaks and adjustments that rearranged positions in the SERPs, making some sites climb fast and others disappear. More updates may be released in the future and only the websites that are constantly monitored and audited will be able to face the changes without losing their positions.

If we were to count how many times Google issues algorithm updates during one year, the figure would likely be 500 to 600 times.

If your website is constantly being slapped by Google updates, then you are probably using low quality spam techniques to get your rankings high. By using our website audit service, we will take all of this into consideration and help you rank better. You can take the short route and jump immediately into a potentially expensive SEO campaign without having the audit done, but if you miss something, all of your hard work and money will go down the drain because of these updates.

Our competent professionals are well aware of the Penguin and Panda updates and we know how to handle them. Our Website Audit will protect you from future updates. We are able to do this because we simply understand how Google algorithms work.


Business owners who are determined to be successful have their websites audited regularly. This allows them to maintain their top positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Those who ignore such regular website audits risk being pushed down by their competitors, thus receiving less organic traffic to their pages.

If you follow our recommendations and implement the changes and features we lay out for you in our audit, you will see great success as your pages won’t be pushed down in SERPs anymore. Eventually, you can even get to the top, leaving your competitors behind.

Order your audit now and take advantage of the free consultation we offer to all of our potential customers.


We have a firm belief that superior website audits are the key to success; therefore we strive to understand everything about your business before starting the work. By having an in-depth consultation with you, we are able to really analyze the essence of your industry. We get to know and understand your core target, and we will also have a better understanding of what your competitors are doing.

This is how we make sure our recommendations are perfectly adjusted to cater for your business needs, your products and your marketing objectives.


If you choose us, you gain a competitive edge right from the beginning. Instead of peforming a Website Audit yourself, let our specialists take care of it while you work on what you love and know best— your very own business development. Our many years of experience and our portfolio of projects handled successfully really make the difference.

Here is a brief summary of what our Web Audit Report service offers:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • We perform advanced keyword research in order to discover the most lucrative keywords in your niche. We use a combination of automatic and manual research methods. For each keyword, we also assess its level of competitiveness.

  • Web Design Analysis
  • We analyze your website design from the standpoint of usability. Is it user-friendy? We check for responsive features and the way they are implemented into the design of your site. We also analyze cross-browser compatibility. Finally, we look at the code to make sure it is free from errors, along with the site’s loading speed and navigation qualities.

  • Website Structure Analysis
  • We check whether or not webmaster tools and analytic programs are installed. We check for the presence of sitemaps, and we analyze the URL structure and the internal linking network.


We check your website for 404 pages and broken links. We provide you a detailed report of all these errors so that you can eliminate them one by one.


We check for duplicate or missing page titles and Meta descriptions, as they affect the SEO of your website, and should be fixed as soon as possible. SEO should be one of your main priorities, as this is what gives you the free traffic everyone is after.


We check up on sites that point back to your website in order to spot any low-quality links. Poor quality backlinks may endanger your sites position in the SERPs.


We check your content for duplicates, errors, and keyword stuffing. We also perform a URL mapping in order to spot any errors in your URL structure and architecture. Our report will also contain instructions for the optimization of the content.


We provide a summary of our report, together with clear recommendations for improving the status of your website.

Order your Website Audit from us today and you will benefit from the advice of seasoned experts.