We Know Social Media

We interact with over 200 million people every day across our clients’ social media groups, and as a result, we have built solid relationships with thousands of online influencers. Our unmatched expertise and partnerships with today’s top social media platforms is proof that we live and breathe this stuff. We don’t simply have conversations, we build relationships.

Our Plan of Attack

It used to be that marketing was more of a one-way street. Not anymore. Today, it’s a give and take, and in the end, you get what you give. Social brands that captivate their audiences don’t just talk, they listen, and as result they deliver what their customers want.

We gain invaluable insight into your customers’ desires, and behaviors by using online listening. This practice helps us to understand their perception of your brand. We take this knowledge and develop a unique voice for you, which we then spread throughout social communities. As a result, your brand goes from the one doing the talking to the one being talked about. And now, deeper relationships are formed between your brand and potential customers.

The Next Big Thing

In this world of instant information and constantly evolving technology, people’s interests and behaviors are always changing. We invest our time in keeping up with what’s new. Combine that investment with ongoing, real-time listening and your brand will never get left in the dust of yesterday’s big thing.

Our agency was one of the first to start exchanges on some of the hottest social media platforms around, but that isn’t necessarily the most important strategy. What matters most is discovering something that works for your brand and then getting there fast. Finding new platforms for meaningful exchanges with your customers is what will set you apart from your competition and allow you to build those long-term, meaningful relationships.

Our Social Marketing Services

  • Social Strategy

    Social media is more than just a way for friends and family to keep in contact; it is an ever-increasing source of leads and customers. Your target market is spending more and more time on social media.
  • What Is SMO?

    SMO stands for Social Media Optimization, also known as social media marketing. It is a method of generating publicity using various social media platforms and networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. SMO helps to increase awareness about your brand, business, product or service. It also amplifies the engagement you have with your target audience, which results in the generation of more leads, prospects and customers.
  • The Benefits Of Employing Social Media Optimization

    Increasing numbers of people are connecting with each other on social media sites to communicate and share their thoughts and feelings about various businesses, brands, and products. The status updates, tweets, likes, photos, and links that are being used to share opinions are making social media a fast growing space in online marketing.
  • The majority of social media users (76%) are generally in a positive mood before,during, and after their activity on social networking sites.
  • 1 in 6 minutes spent online is spent on social networks.

(*comScore, Nielsen)
  • Social Search for local businesses is on the rise

  • There has been an increase in searches conducted on non-search sites for finding local businesses.
  • A rise from just 4% in 2008 to 39% in 2012.
  • This is an impressive increase of 875% in social network local business search usage since 2008.

The users who are searching for local businesses on social networks are heavily engaged with local social content and are involved in generating and using content.

For these reasons, social media is an excellent and effective way to build your brand, achieve customer loyalty, and to conduct word-of-mouth or viral promotion.

Do you know what your competitors are doing?

Social media currently ranks second for sources of leads for businesses, and it continues to grow.

85% social media

94% SEO

Social media currently holds the number 2 spot as a medium for content marketing for businesses

72% social media

80% Web Pages

The Future

Social media usage is continually growing and will stretch across all industries, sales funnels and marketing. It will be used in the buying cycle and customer life cycle for many years into the future.

Facebook has more than:

  • 28 billion monthly active users in 2014, growing from just 901 million in mid 2012.
  • There are 1.01 billion active monthly mobile users in 2014, having increased by 107% from just 488 million in 2012.
  • LinkedIn has 300 users in 200 countries and signs up 2 new members every second.

Customer acquisition success rate

There are currently over 255 million active monthly Twitter users who generate over 500 million tweets every day.

  • Twitter also handles over 2.1 billion search queries daily.
  • These figures are a clear sign of what is still to come.
  • More than half of active Twitter users follow brands, companies, or products on social networks.

If you utilize our services, you will gain better access to the circles of individuals that can contribute to your business.

One of the most task intensive types of online marketing is Social Media Optimization, which requires a great deal of expertise and manpower. A lot of effort must be put into this type of marketing so that you can reach “critical mass” in regard to high growth momentum in connections, fans and followers.

You should never expect instantaneous results. Instead, you would be better off looking at what you can cumulatively pick up over time as you build up your connections.
SMO is something that you can do yourself, as long as you have the proper training, organization skills, and a team that can monitor all of your efforts in-house. However, this is a very time-consuming process, which will take you away from your primary core activities. By simply allowing our company take care of this for you, we can help you fully utilize the power of social media and marketing, while you take care of your customers.

Beginning With An In-Depth Consultation

One of our core beliefs is that our customers need to have objectives that are attainable. One of these objectives should be utilizing our superior services so that you can target your customers, compete effectively against your competitors, and deal with all of the nuances that come with marketing your brand.

We begin with an in-depth consultation prior to the launch of your product, or website. We want you to be involved, simply because no one knows your business better than you. Once this consultation is done, we will implement quality controls, analyze results, and listen to your feedback so that we can help you create the best campaign possible. Included in our consultation:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Quality Control
  • Strategy and planning
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Implementation
  • Measurement, Feedback & Analysis

Here Is What We Will Do For You

Google+ Marketing

Increasing online visibility always begins with creating a Google+ Business Page and a Google+ Personal Profile, something that your brand or company can use to promote services and products that you have - using photos, videos, links and other types of information. You can establish credibility using your brand name and company name, as well as any videos or pictures that represent your company, its location, and any additional information, such as contact details.

We will focus efforts on your Google+ Business Page, posting the latest events or any promotions that you are running, that will keep people coming back to your website. We will post links explaining services and products that you have, and in doing so, prompt your visitors to check out what you have to offer, which may lead to additional sales.

Facebook Marketing

Optimization through the creation of your profile on Facebook is our first step. We also customize Facebook profile banners; editing, resizing, and sourcing your banner image are included in this service. Information on your profile will include all pertinent contact details.

We will optimize your Facebook business page so that people can directly interact with you, allowing you to provide potential customers with the direct information that they need. Regular updates, along with announcements about up-and-coming sales and events, and promo offers are all used to generate more traffic. We will make sure that your business page highlights everything that your company has to offer, creating the most favorable impression for new visitors.

Twitter Marketing

We will ensure that your Twitter profile has accurate information about you and your company, including contact details. In your “about us” section we will include information that potential customers can see to preview the products and services that you offer. If you want to optimize this, we can help you to target keywords related to your content, making sure that your brand is displayed on your channel appropriately.

Your Twitter background will be made as visually appealing as possible, while staying true to the brand image you are shooting for. Your account will have regular tweets, real-time updates, to keep things current. We will incorporate links in the tweets that we post, all of which will send traffic to your website. Lastly, we will work to continuously acquire followers and we will publish all tweets on your followers’ feeds.

Linkedln Marketing

Building a professional profile and using branded content help your Linkedln page, especially in your “about us” section. This allows people to see all of your contact details, including the location of you and your company. This enables prospective customers to look at your products and services, previewing what your business has to offer.

Monitoring your profile on Linkedln adds to your credibility, allowing you to maintain an active, professional social network. Updates can be posted to generate more traffic daily. We will add comments and content to increase your chance of getting conversions and hits from buying customers.

Participating in discussions, especially within Linkedln Groups, is another aspect of our services; this is beneficial when you want to establish yourself as an authority in your particular niche or industry. This is an easy way to win over people that visit your Linkedln home page, leading to more revenue throughout the year..

This Is What You Get When You Utilize Our Services

Tactics and strategies related to social media optimization based on the analysis of your market, and the research we are able to do using technology that can show trends; we will also show you where all of this is headed.

Our in-depth consultation will be designed to cater to all of your desires and marketing goals

We can increase your network size and help you join other business owners that are also using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

We will get the word out about what your business has to offer, get the wheels spinning, allowing you to better compete in the market, and obtain happy customers. You will be able to generate more revenue because of your extended audience reach, well as the increased engagement via social media.