Our full-service agency was built on search marketing. But, as we have grown, we have continued building on the success of our search marketing, and are now considered to be one of the leading agencies in this field. The key to our success is that we continue to adapt and evolve. We take what is happening right now and look beyond it - we search for what is coming next, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve been twice named by OMMA magazine as “Agency of the Year” for Best Use of Search, as well as being cited by Forrester as a “Leader” in their past three WAVE™ reports evaluating agency search marketing practices.


The biggest factor in the success of search marketing is showing up first. It doesn’t matter if the consumer is looking specifically for your brand or not. What’s important is that your brand appears first in the search results. Every search that a consumer enters is an opportunity. It used to be that a basic search engine on the computer was the only way to take advantage of search marketing, but all that has changed with mobile and social media. These are two very important parts of the equation, and with Enliven Group, you have an agency that knows the just how to make these things work for you. We have expertise in cross-channeling, analytics, and other technologies that ensure your brand will be front and center for consumers. We also have groups within the retail, e-commerce, media, entertainment, and financial service arenas. This means that we can tailor our search expertise for your specific brand.


What does exclusive mean exactly? It means that we build our own technologies specifically customized for your individual needs. It’s the only way to guarantee the best performance throughout the most complicated search programs all over the world. What does this do for you? It assists you, our client, in freeing up resources for planning, strategizing, and helping to increase your ROI. Some of our many technologies include 360iTIGER, our cloud-based technology for gathering SEO and social data, our Brand Defender™ competitive intelligence tool, and our Digital Marketing Suite—one of the industry’s most advanced SEM bid optimization and digital media attribution platforms.


We realize that results are what you seek. In order to get those results you need an agency with a competitive edge. We manage search marketing budgets for some of the worlds leading global marketers and, as one of only a few agencies that sit on Google’s SEM council, we are given access to new products well in advance of the competition. This is how you stay ahead of the game. We will use our position in the field of search engine marketing to find the unique opportunities that will help grow your brand – before your competition does.


Enliven Group uses our own customized technology to analyze your brand’s presence within the search field. We watch for specific behavior and use that to find opportunities that might have been otherwise missed. We get right down on the consumer level so that we can understand precisely what is needed to put your brand up front. We will create a unique plan that will give you ownership over keywords across any and all platforms and devices. This is how we optimize Search Engine Marketing for your brand.


We realize that results are what you seek. In order to get those results you need an agency with a competitive edge. We manage search marketing budgets for some of the worlds leading global marketers and, as one of only a few agencies that sit on Google’s SEM council, we are given access to new products well in advance of the competition. This is how you stay ahead of the game. We will use our position in the field of search engine marketing to find the unique opportunities that will help grow your brand – before your competition does.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of creating favorable conditions for a brand or online persona’s over-all web presence to be indexed and ranked above the competition on major Internet search engines. The ultimate objective is to dominate or control, to the greatest extent possible­, the content displayed on the first search engine results page (SERP) by producing high quality content related to targeted search phrases and to appear more relevant than the competition.

“The key is to take an honest look at where you want people to arrive from the search engines. If your destination isn’t equal to or substantially better than the competition, and if you aren’t overtly demonstrating that to Google, why should they care to send traffic your way over anyone else? Look at it from their perspective, they want to send their users to websites that will give them what they are looking for, and there are certain ways to demonstrate that to Google. If you don’t make it obvious to Google, then it won’t be obvious to anyone else, because nobody else is going to see your website. That is what SEO is really about” —Sean Burrows, Director of Search.
People all over the world use the search engines daily to find what they are looking for. The wide range of intentions behind searches performed are understood and sorted by complex algorithms that help the search engines deliver the most relevant and up-to-date information for their users as possible.


Some people are simply doing research and gathering information about topics of interest, some are looking to be entertained, and other people are looking to interact or make transactions with other people or businesses. The search phrases that your website ranks within have a lot to do with how Google perceives the intentions of your website. It is important to make sure that every page and every word of your website convey a specific intention in order to be competitive.

When it comes to business online, the intentions of a website can be broken down into 5 basic intentions:
  • E-Commerce: For e-commerce websites the most obvious desired outcome is to generate sales for either a product or a service offered.
  • Lead Generation: For lead generation sites, the goal is to collect information for sales teams to connect with potential leads.
  • Content Publishing: For content publishers, the goal is to encourage engagement and frequent visitation.
  • Information & Support: For online informational/support sites to help users find the information they need at the right time.
  • Branding: For branding, the main objective is to drive awareness, engagement, and loyalty (Satisfied customers won’t necessarily come back, loyal ones do).Making the intentions of your website abundantly clear to users, and the search engines alike, is critical to ensuring that your website and overall online presence will even be considered for ranking on page one. If your desired outcome is for your website visitors to make a purchase, but there is only an abundance of information with no call to action, it will be difficult for humans and search engines to know how to index and rank your website.

Controlling over two-thirds of the market share, Google is by far the leader of the search engine pack. This requires that any effective SEO strategy must include a comprehensive understanding of the complicated algorithms and ranking factors that this major search engine company uses. These are continuously being changed and improved so that searchers get results that are the most relevant to their search.

When SEO is done properly, it can result in your website receiving higher rankings in relevant searches, which will move you toward the goal of being ranked at the top of the first results page displayed for all your target search phrases. When a site has high ranking on the results page of a search engine, more users will click through to your website.

A click through rate is defined as the ratio between the number of times your website is displayed in the search results and the number of times users click on your listing.

SEO requires applying proficient techniques and following stringent guidelines, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Adjustments to site design and layout
  • Website socialization
  • Establishing localization
  • External links
  • On-going site promotion
  • Content optimization
  • Overall coding & architecture


Yes, you need search engine optimization! No, it is not a good stand-alone marketing strategy. The fastest guaranteed way to get to the top of page one for any search term is to buy your way to the top through search engine advertising. However, users respond to listings that rank on page one more naturally than they do to ads. This is why any serious search engine marketing strategy combines the use of both methods simultaneously. After all, if your company is showing up on page one in more than one place, you are two to three times as likely to get someone to click on one of the listings to see what it is that you have to offer over the competition.

The advantage of engaging in search engine optimization is achieving a significant level of authority and brand awareness for your company (in the eyes of the search engines) so that the search engine moderators will decide that your website represents the best possible solution to what users are looking for. This, in turn, leads to a significant amount of “natural” or “organic” traffic that does need to be paid for. While some call this “free” traffic, it is anything but free. Achieving and maintaining substantial organic rankings requires skill and consistent application, that when done correctly can produce a consistent stream of targeted, relevant traffic to your website, with the value of that traffic significantly outweighing the costs of acquiring it.

A properly executed and maintained SEO campaign produces a steady flow of traffic that often becomes a business’ highest quality source of consistent leads and sales.


An SEO campaign can be started at any time, but it does take time before you start seeing results. The sooner you start, the sooner the benefits begin, and they only increase with time. Maintaining your campaign as part of the arsenal of your online marketing effort will keep your company’s online presence valid and relevant for many more years. Technology is constantly evolving and new channels for online marketing are being developed, even so, SEO will always remain a necessary and vital ingredient. This is especially true for local and regional businesses that serve a specific geographical area. There are certain local SEO techniques that we employ to get the phone ringing and customers stopping by.

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, and being able to keep up with best practices is a full time job. All businesses need to achieve a high position in the search engines if they don’t want to lose out to the competition, and this requires constant SEO efforts.

Any effort for SEO has to be considered for the long term, as it will not give immediate results that have a lasting, high impact. Success in using SEO is gradual and depends on a number of factors - your competition being one of them, as well as ongoing adjustments being made as SEO is continuously being implemented.

Some basic results will be immediately noticed, like your website being indexed by search engines so that it can be considered for display in search results.

Keep in mind, the right SEO strategy requires continual research and analysis to avoid wasteful efforts and ensure that every SEO activity has high impact.



All the strategies and tactics discussed above are meant to help optimize your website for search engine and organic traffic. By letting us handle all the optimization for you, your website will benefit from improved rankings, more traffic, increased prominence in search engines, and most importantly, more sales conversion..

With online regulations changing every now and then, we strive to remain relevant by keeping abreast with every update Google releases. All of this is geared to help you record huge returns on investment. You can contact us via email, chat, phone, or even come to our offices for SEO services and more.

One thing every online entrepreneur needs to know—websites that adhere to Google updates, and are optimized to provide quality to their customers have a bright future.
On-Page Research and keyword analysis
Our quest is to ensure your SEO campaigns bring in positive results. We do thorough keyword research and analysis, which helps increase your site’s visibility to search engines, as well as through organic searches. We also have specialized software that helps track each page’s google rankings, in relation to your competitors, to ensure that you have what it takes to outdo them.
Social Media Account Setup
Social media and blogging accounts are major sources of traffic and social signals. We take responsibility to increase your company’s visibility on these platforms as well.
Press Release and Business Directory Setup
We help list your business & website in the top press release sites and business directories for improved visibility and professionalism credibility. These additions help produce high quality backlinks to your website as well.
Authorship Configuration and On-site Blogs
Every online business requires authorship rights to remain relevant. Understanding this, we take on the responsibility of setting up blogs and Google Plus authorship for any content you create in online platforms. This reduces chances of plagiarism or anyone attempting to use your content on their websites too.
On-page Website Optimization
On-page optimization entails optimizing header tags, Meta tags, content and page titles to ensure search engine crawlers catch them with ease. In addition to this, keyword usage on content, backlinks, URL and site maps have to be implemented to ensure the website is attractive to searches online. We ensure that all of this is handled properly for your website.
Content Creation and Optimization
Content creation and optimization plays a key role in advertising your website and increasing your visibility. We use ethical and updated content creation and marketing strategies to ensure your site has only the best. This includes creating keyword optimized content and anchor text for enhanced visibility.
Content Dissemination
We manage all content distribution through blogs, press releases and in social networking sites for enhanced online visibility.
External Blog Social Collaboration
We market all content published in all blogs to enhance social media interaction and engagement. We also make it possible for audiences to discuss about the topics or products in question.
Website Security and Speed Optimization
Website security is very important today. We ensure your website has a SSL encryption and is optimized to protect it from malware, comment spamming and content scrapping. We also help optimize page load times to increase efficiency and reduce lag by 99%.