There are many things that you can do to improve your business, but maintaining a reputation is of utmost importance. If you discover any bad reviews, negative pictures on blogs, or any comments that cast a doubtful appearance upon your products, services, brand or your business in general, know that these can spread very quickly and affect your sales throughout the year. This is why online reputation management (ORM) is so important!

Online Reputation Management Explained

On the Internet, there is nothing more important than your reputation. ORM is all about restoring your name if it has been tarnished, or improving your brands so that they can be more successful. Negative comments on the web can weaken your ability to be competitive, but by using positive material to improve your credibility, your customers will begin to trust you again.

ORM Is Extremely Important For Your Business

When you have a potential customer that is considering buying, but doesn’t follow through, it’s probably because they saw a negative review somewhere that a search engine result has posted either in the search results or on social media. This can dramatically affect your business’s ability to compete. That’s why it’s so important to have your online reputation constantly monitored by professionals that can handle these negative comments, and at the same time, proactively build your business reputation in a positive way.

Have you ever had the misfortune of Googling yourself and finding something negative?

  • 44% of people that have searched for information are looking for reviews on service professionals like lawyers, plumbers, and doctors
  • 50% of people on the web over 18 years of age have left some type of online review
  • 78% of online users will look online for information on products or services; they believe that the most credible form of advertising is found in reviews
  • 86% have actually changed a decision to buy something because of a bad review that they found

(*comScore, MarketingSherpa, PEW Internet, Cone Communication, Dimensional Research)

Your Reputation Is Represented By Reviews

It is crucial for every business today to consider the impact of Internet or online reviews. Studies have clearly shown that reviews on the web can impact a company’s sales and their reputation. This means that you will have to reinforce your reputation online in a positive way, highlighting all of the good aspects of your company and brand.

  • 59% of consumers think that expert reviews are not as valuable as those that are left by actual customers
  • 60% of people that shop on the web have left some type of feedback, and are more likely to leave positive feedback as opposed to leaving something negative
  • 70% look at product reviews prior to making any type of purchase at all
  • 70% of consumers on the Web trust consumer reviews, which means that this is actually the second most trusted form of advertising; coming in second only to word-of-mouth advertising
  • 71% of shoppers read online reviews, making reviews the top consumer generated content of all time
  • 71% used specific keywords when doing searches for products they wanted to buy
  • 80% spent time reading reviews, not just shopping for products
  • 92% believe that customer reviews are extremely important
  • 5% of adults will occasionally look for product reviews on the web before traveling to a physical store to make a purchase

What Exactly Are Your Competitors Doing Every Day?

  • They use sophisticated monitoring tools
  • They utilize press release services and submit articles to improve their company’s image
  • They aggressively build up customer ratings using positive reviews
  • They are engaged in social networking so they can influence the audience they are trying to sell to
  • They manage their online reputation very carefully, increasing conversion rates and also the reputation of their company

When studies were done in regard to customers buying products with or without some form of a testimonial, “…conversion rates actually doubled significantly, moving from .44% to 1.04% simply because a product had a five star rating
(Marketing-Experiments Journal)

Some other facts about the behavior of consumers with regards to products reviews:

  • 63% of consumers will buy from a website that has reviews and product ratings (Comp USA i-Perceptions)
  • Even if a product had low reviews, they always sold more than those that did not have any reviews whatsoever (Burpee).
  • 39% of people that purchased ffrom websites that had reviews said that the reviews were actually why they made the purchase (Foresee Results Study)
  • 96% believe that customer ratings, and associated reviews, are the reason that conversions can be extreamly high.
  • However, only a measly 26% of over 100 of the top retailers on the web actually had any reviews or ratings at all (Forrester).
  • People are always looking for ratings and reviews left by users, something that is second only to having a way to search on a website. Those that decide to add reviews and ratings by customers tend to have higher sales at the end of the year (Jupiter Research)

What’s In Store For Businesses In The Future?

It is very important to keep an eye on your online reputation because so many people are connected across the globe; more than ever before in the history of marketing and sales.

Online consumers using social networks to search for information on businesses:

  • 70% like to read about other people’s experiences
  • 65% want to learn more about the services and products that are offered and about the brands and the businesses behind them
  • 53% research complement brands
  • 50% had concerns about products, services, and brands on the web

What this tells us, that social media is a great way to build cusomter loyalty, generate viral promotion, and word-of-mouth advertising. Its a great platform ot building and maintaining your online reputation.


  • 50% were concerned about brands, services and products
  • With nearly 1.3 billion active monthly users, Facebook numbers have almost doubled since 2010
  • In 2014: Facebook users are primarily mobile
  • In 2015: Small as well as medium sized businesses will spend as much as $5 billion maintaining their online reputation (BIA / Kelsey)
  • LinkedIn has about 300 million users, which means that they have been growing at about two members every second for quite some time
  • Twitter now has over 250 million active users, and this is much larger from its humble beginnings of only 15 million in 2009

What you should take away from all of this information is that social networks will continue to grow, and as more people interact with each other, research regarding products and services on the net will also increase. Mobile adoption is continuing to move in a positive trend, so staying on top of your online reputation is more important than ever before. Your business may benefit or suffer from this particular trend, and if you truly want to find success, it really comes down to how well you manage your online reputation.


Allowing Enliven Group to manage your online reputation shows that you are dedicated to making your online reputation better than ever.

By utilizing our expertise, you will be able to focus on building your business rather than worrying about what people are saying about you and your company on the Internet. We have the knowledge to do the worrying for you, and we can help you restore, or even improve your image on the web. We provide a much more cost effective and convenient way of maintaining your online image for the entire world.

Enliven Group will lessen the impact of any negative comments that have been made about your company, and then develop more positive feedback and reviews. Customers simply do not purchase products or services from companies they do not trust. When a business does have a significant amount of negative comments on the web, this creates a significant trust issue. Let’s us turn things around for you.

Long-term success using ORM techniques will take about nine months. If you want to see immediate results, such as more positive and riveting comments about your company, we can provide that. But consistent ORM is necessary to maintain a positive online reputation. Less than flattering information about your brand or services can cripple your business.

There are companies that are currently getting ready to deal with social media buzz that is less than flattering, comments and information that can cripple your business. You need to be as prepared as you can. To deal with this, proper ORM is absolutely necessary.


To improve your overall online reputation we first need to know a little bit more about you and your company. We begin with an in-depth consultation to figure out what exactly you need from us, identifying the best strategy to use in order to obtain the results that you desire. We will analyze these results, listen to the feedback that you will provide for us, and create a campaign in order to help your company using Online Reputation Management. We will also conduct research in regard to your business, such as looking at your webpages that appear online and Googling your company name. During our consultation, pressing issues that may currently be affecting your business must be disclosed.



  • ORM can only work if we are able to determine what your current online reputation actually is. We will look for clues about the status of your reputation using keywords. We want to see if you show up when certain keywords are used, as well as if those keywords generate any positive or negative information. With this service, you can have a natural link network set up, or even a single blog. Content creation is an absolute must, especially unique content, if you want to rank well on the search engines.

  • The next step will be to observe the competition, as well as their online reputation. You need to know where you stand, specifically up against the competitors that can potentially affect your reputation. Using a competitive link finder, and also link replacement research tools, we can complete this task very easily.

  • We will submit actual reviews left by customers about your business, and the products and services that you offer. They will be posted with very authoritative properties on the web so that we can begin to eliminate negative reviews and comments that may be showing up in the search engines. The effect is that the negative information about your company will get pushed down below the positive commentary.

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) profile creation is something that can take your business to the next level. This is a service that we will provide throughout your time with us; creating social accounts on Facebook and Twitter that can actively promote your company in a positive way. By optimizing these accounts with status updates and tweets, and also joining groups, we can begin to participate in discussions for you. We will gain “friends” and “followers,” along with posting in discussions and joining groups, all of which serves to help your company’s reputation. We will also optimize your social network account with your business URL, helping to brand your products along the way.

  • Valuable content is always coveted by people online, and the search engines are looking for this content with their algorithms. Useful content should appear on all of your webpages, as it will help you rank higher in search engines. We will generate off-page and on-page articles and press releases that we will post on blogs and submit to press release sites. All of this content will be optimized appropriately, using keywords, anchor text, and outbound links to authority sites.

  • The bottom line is that your reputation on the web is very important for the success of your business. Prospective online customers want to feel confident about the services and products they are purchasing and they want to trust the businesses they are purchasing from. If they see positive reviews, then chances are high they will develop this trust. In most cases, your business will grow because of positive reviews.
  • Negative reviews will come up from time to time, which is why you need to act on this service now. Any disgruntled customer could leave a scathing online review, which could destroy your brand, your reputation, and all of your hard work. All it takes is one negative comment.
  • Using an Online Reputation Management plan, you will be able to build, or rebuild, your reputation on the web. We can ensure that positive reviews will reign supreme, pushing any negative comments out of the line of sight of prospective customers. Don’t let a negative review stand in the way of your success!